[App_rpt-users] New RTCM Feature - Duplex Mode 3 Support

Tim Sawyer tim.sawyer at me.com
Mon Jul 22 11:15:21 EDT 2013

Does delayed repeat audio bug you? Tired of hearing a bit of yourself after you unkey? Wish you could talk full duplex? Hate the echo chamber effect? Then we have the answer for you.

Duplex mode 3 in app_rpt allows for "in-cabinet repeat" (where the radio hardware provides repeat audio) and app_rpt adds the hang time, courtesy tones, linking - all the things apt_rpt does sans repeat audio. Therefore no repeat audio delay. Cool, eh? This duplex mode has been in app_rpt for a while. Problem has been how to implement it. 

Duplex mode 3 support in the RTCM provides in-cabinet repeat functionality. Repeat audio loops through the RTCM and has almost zero delay because it does not have to traverse the network. The delay is not quite zero but it's plenty short enough to eliminate all of the above mentioned annoyances. 

Of course duplex mode 3 support can't be used with voting or simulcast. 

Upgrade instructions are here http://ohnosec.org/drupal/node/185 and here https://allstarlink.org/support.html#astupgrade. Normal caviots apply when upgrading to brand new firmware and software. Read the comments in voter.c.

I'm very excited about this new feature and I think you will find it useful too. 

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