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Ron Simpson n6gkj.cm98 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 22 17:38:17 EDT 2013

What you are trying to do John is not really doable in Allstar. IAXRPT has limitations due to how the audio libraries work. Currently they are not multi threaded..

The issue really is how do you listen to the unselected audio. 

To get even close to MCC or Gold Elite operational functionality would be awesome... but unrealistic given the current environment.

I have talked with Steve Henke (iaxrpt) about doing the same thing you want to do. Until we can change how the audio in iaxtpt works we can't do much more than rewrite iaxrpt to make it look a little different.

Currently one possibility is to have 2 vm's running with iaxrpt on each one set up for a different radio and listen as unselected audio and run iaxrpt on the host as your selected audio source and patch to a hub from each instance of iaxrpt. You can setup quick shortcut buttons in iaxrpt to connect and disconnect from the hub.

Not exactly what you want but would work maybe..

Personally I like MCC and Gold Elite. I do much work with both platforms...

Would be nice to emulate that a little more closely.

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