[App_rpt-users] Voter RTCM TX buffer hardware limitation?

Harshad Rangarajan pyaslagna at gmx.com
Sat Jul 27 02:17:20 EDT 2013

Hi I get two rtcm module for use as voting controller for my repeater as an upgrade from a home-made controller/IDer. Almost all the user of the repeater rely on duplexing (listening to the repeater while you talk). Ever since I put the rtcm module, several are slightly annoyed and confused by the audio delay in the repeater. 
The rtcm modules and the app_rpt server are connected on Ubiquiti with less than 3ms ping directly into a 4 port ethernet switch. I have my chan_voter config set for 180 buffer, and the RTCM TX buffer set at 800 (lowest the console will let me enter), and the delay is great enough to where it's a problem for this type of application. Is this a matter of using less data-intensive audio codec, or is this RTCM hardware limitation? Maybe to make a firmware upgrade that allows rtcm voting TX buffer to decrease to a acceptable value for this type of full-duplex application? I was exicted to see lastest RTCM firmware update until I realized it would not work with voting. 
Sorry for the bad English and Have a nice dayde Harashad
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