[App_rpt-users] cop, 48 explanation

Serge Bérubé ve2abc at ve2abc.com
Sat Jul 27 09:48:35 EDT 2013

I have tryed for a long time (at least  2 full days )  to get the COP 48  function to work  with no success... this would be very usefull to be used to send tones  to open a link on the  old dtmf controlled Quebec vhf net  consisting of many repeaters   linked in the Province of Quebec , from an Asterisk point of connection.. Does somebody had success with that command , if so , please help me , I would greatly appreciate.  Also , does the gpio pins are supposed to be  functionnal with  usb devices in usb.conf ? This too is not working in my  nodes...  I know I have to learn  a lot on app-rpt , I already operate  6 nodes all linked  with Ubiquiti radios on 2365 mhz amateur band in Canada ; everything wented  good but these 2 issues , up to date...

Best Regards, Serge
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