[App_rpt-users] Dumb Noob Questions trying to get started

Barry Berg phoggberg at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 19:44:02 EDT 2013

To the List,

Pardon the dumb questions of a noob.   I actually have two, and would like pointers where to start looking. Frankly I started in the archive, but it is organized by month going back 5 years, and not easy to search 50+ files for what might be a dubious search term,  and I havent figured out how to do a full archive search (enlightenment would always be welcome)  I realized that the distro is centos based, but I am really more comfortable in debian.  I have been told that some folks are working with trying to integrate the apt-rpt software into the standard current release of software, and I would like to follow the progress and see if I can add my poor skills to the project.  But first I have a bit of learning, and so I would like to follow any archives on the subject.  Can someone point me to what work has been done,especially if it is concluded that this is an impossibility.  Actually I am interested in trying to interface the URIx module to the Raspberry Pi, and while I realize that the  Pi may not have the horse power of the atom processor, I have a couple of ideas that might allow it to actually process an audio stream with the software DSP's.  Its using a technique I have used before to get better performance out of C Code.  It might work, then again it might not.   

My other question once I get a remote site working, I want to merge multiple sites into a conference bridge.   This is a very specialized project so I am not concerned about circuit discipline.  Also, I am not enamored  with a laptop / desktop software to access the network, but prefer a thin client software.  I understand that there is some software that is web based that will handle multiple sites and do some form of soft voting, transmitting on multiple sites simultaneously.  This is exactly what I want and the addition to add a PC/Mac based computers with Headphone/Mic into a sound card that will act somewhat like a DV Dongle into the bridge as well.   Thin Client would be better than thick, but for the latter I will take what I can get.

If anyone out there can provide me with some links to help start me out It would be greatly appreciated.  I do not want to take up the bandpass of the list, so if you prefer to mail me privately  I am reachable through arrl.net forwarding.

Barry, K0BSB
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