[App_rpt-users] Voter RTCM TX buffer hardware limitation?

Harshad Rangarajan pyaslagna at gmx.com
Wed Jul 31 03:40:40 EDT 2013

As of now I am still looking for any people to tell me if lowering the minimum TX buffer RTCM will allow is possible at all. My system is so close to having the low latency I need, I just need a tiny less! I know that there are MANY others who would love to see RTCM voting capability to be this fast, and the current capabilities are very close! I look forward to any response about this. 

P.S. Thank you Jim and Tim!
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I do not expect zero latency. I understand that DSP has latency no matter what. I do not expect zero latency from the system, I am just curious if there is any way to lower the minimum TX buffer in the RTCM below 800. At 800, the latency is very, very close to acceptable for my use.
We currently have a hilltop UHF repeater that is linked via 420MHZ to other VHF repeater in next county. People often talk full-duplex between the two, so they are listen to the repeater output while they talk. This is also very common amongst other local linked systems. If someone else talk at the same time on the VHF, their voices mix like a conference call. This has proved to be very useful to everyone. 
You ask what repeater we use? UHF repeater is TKR-850 and VHF repeater is a Micor base.
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