[App_rpt-users] DMK URI to Motorola R100

Steve Agee n5zua at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 5 13:13:24 EDT 2013

What is presently on the line to pull low?  In other words, do you need to 
add a voltage line with a 10K pull up resistor to give it something to pull 
low to start with? A VOM will tell you.


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cor high or low?


On Jun 5, 2013, at 12:38, Geoff <w5omr at att.net> wrote:

It -really- can't be this hard...

The Service manual for the R100 is at 

On page 58 is the output of Jaux

I'm using pins
14 - gnd
15 - spk hi
16 - Mic hi
17 - Mic gnd
18 - PL monitor (active low)
19 - PTT (active low)

Corresponding Pins on the DMX URI ~should~ be (I would think)

URI            R100 Jaux
1     PTT    19 PTT
8     COR   18(*) PL Monitor
24    Ain    15 Spk Hi
12    Aout  16 Mic Hi
13    gnd   17 Mic gnd
13    gnd   14 gnd

So... when I plug it in, the R100 keys up, and running radio-tune-menu, 
nothing works.

(* = I use COR for PL monitor, because my R100 uses DPL (DCS) and not 



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