[App_rpt-users] Allstar ACID compatibility with Intel Atom D2500?

Doug Bade kd8b at thebades.net
Thu Jun 13 08:16:43 EDT 2013

While not directly a D2500, I do have experience with Atom motherboards over
the last few years..

I use atom 1u servers for Allstar, D-Star GMSK repeater controller, my NXDN
network router, Firewalls and VPN Servers, they are wonderful.. mine are
just a little older than that one. The main issue I had with them is the NIC
was not detected by Allstar CentOS install and would fail off retrieving
files from the internet. It was a CentOS driver issue, new NIC chips not
always detected by the installer but many times are 'fixed" when CentOS
patches the final system with updates.. The solution I use was a USB Linksys
USB300M ?? I think?? Usb network adapter that CentOS would buy into. And
then once all the patching and building is done, CentOS would handle the
factory NIC just fine so disconnect the USB connection and it would remap to
the onboard NIC. 


As the CentOS ALLStar install disc changes along the way in time, and I
think it has since I had this issue, it may be a non-issue for you..


Anyhow, that was the worst of it. Under Allstar I run 4 USB sound interfaces
for 4 repeaters off one of them at my main site.. I think that is a
SuperMicro Server using an Intel D525 board and chipset..





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Hello Group, 

Does anyone have experience running Allstar ACID on an Intel Atom D2500
mini-ITX PC? 
I have found a very attractive fanless PC on ebay, and want to take the
jump, using it as an app_rpt and chan_voter server .

Here is a link to the machine:

Have a nice day. 


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