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Does this help?

Matthew Pitts

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What is a RIM?
Ron Simpson, N6GKJ 

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Repeater-Builder would like to announce a fresh batch of RIM's and accompanying 20 hour sale.

After having difficulties getting the first batch ready for Dayton, we ran into other (different) 
issues with this second batch. I feel we now have all the wrinkles ironed out of the manufacturing 
process. I currently have enough parts to build a total of 50 RIMs. Hopefully this will be enough 
for me to keep ahead of demand. :)

At present, I have 11 RIMs finished and ready to ship immediately with more available after a bit of 

Regular pricing on these units is $100 including USPS shipping. For those of you that placed your 
names on our waiting list at Hamvention, I will honor the $90 per unit price you were quoted at the 

Now for the sale part: I will be away on vacation next week. (I'm leaving Saturday morning per the 
 coordinator's schedule.) So....

If you send your payment via PayPal to n3xcc at repeater-builder.com before tomorrow (Friday) at 2pm 
eastern I will:
* offer a special "20hr sale" price of $90!
* forgo the PayPal fees!
* ship your product before I leave.

For all other orders, the normal $100 (incl. shipping) price will apply (plus a $4 PayPal surcharge 
if applicable) and your RIMs will ship on Monday 6/24.

Thanks for your support,

Scott Zimmerman
Amateur Radio Call N3XCC
474 Barnett Road
Boswell, PA 15531
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