[App_rpt-users] Courtesy Tones.....

James Hill g0fhmuk at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 16:16:59 EDT 2013

Hi All,

I've had a lengthy QSO with Mike, KB8JNM and followed the suggestions 
via this list.

The only thing that seems to stop the problem, is by setting 
rxondelay=120 in usbradio.conf. That in itself presents a problem, as 
the delay switching on the RX seems to be far more than 120ms, more like 
4 seconds!

I could probably live with it, but John Q. Ham who happens to be passing 
through town and trying to use the node might have something different 
to say, and start badmouthing etc.

One thing I have noticed is this: I connected to my node via Echolink 
(with rxondelay=0), on my Android cell. I put a call out via my node. 
Whilst my node was going through it's pip pip cycle, I noticed that the 
green RX icon was up on the Echolink app, but no sound was coming 
through. The moment my node finally pipped it's last pip, the RX icon 
dropped, and the Echolink app gave it's roger beep.

So while it is going through it's tx pip cycle, it's also still saying 
it's TXing to the network.

If I set the all of the courtesy tones to 0 (apart from linkunkeyct) it 
looks for: app_rpt.c: telem_lookup:ctx failed on Zap/pseudo-1205069161

If I comment the lines out in rpt.conf, I just get bursts of carrier 
with no tones.

Mike wondered if it was due to the fact that I'm using vox instead of 
hard cor, and it's a timing issue. I'm not in a position to run hardware 
cor yet, as I'm not on the final radio - it's a Moto HT600 that I've 
temporarily pressed into service until I can find a good cheap 
commercial set that only has one or two channels. I'm not paying 
megabucks (approx $120 in the UK) for a 4ch GM-350 just to sit on a node!

Here is a short vid of what it's doing:


Until I can get it fixed, then I'm going to have to run with duplex=0 in 
rpt.conf :-(

Cheers all,

James G0FHM

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