[App_rpt-users] acid install failed

Vince P ve3elb at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 24 22:12:56 EDT 2013

Thank You Johnny. The problem is i can't login to the box to do anything because i can't find out the ip address all it shows it this error. am not sure why. i have the install a few times but as the end of the full installation this is what shows. i though the box was bad but i have installed windows and ubuntu os on the box and it all walks great. so am just puzzled as to whats going on.

Vince VE3ELB

On 2013-06-24, at 9:31 PM, Johnny Keeker <cypresstower at yahoo.com> wrote:

When that happens to me it's allways an error in one of the configuration files. iax.conf, usbradio.conf. rpt.conf.extensions.conf.  Located in the /etc/asterisk folder.

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From: Vince VE3ELB <ve3elb at yahoo.com>
Subject: [App_rpt-users] acid install failed
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Date: Sunday, June 23, 2013, 6:43 PM

Hello All. I am having problem can anyone let me know why i am getting this error. I am installing Acid Centos on new box and i have done the install twice but at the end of each full installation after it restarts i get this message listed below. what is the problem and how can i fix this. thank you  

asterisk ended with exit status 1
asterisk died with code 1
mpg123: no process killed 


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