[App_rpt-users] Small System Recommendations

Robert Garcia robert at n5qm.com
Tue Jun 25 09:35:49 EDT 2013

I have 5 of the Neoware CA22 systems on the way, so wish me luck!


On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 7:39 PM, George Csahanin <george at dyb.com> wrote:
> I have standardized on the Intel D945 motherboard in a M200 case from Mini
> Box. 1GB RAM and a 256MB CF and use Limey. Limey can be customized for other
> motherboards. The power supply is tricky. I found the cheapies convert the
> 12V in to 5 volts. But they tend to take the 12 volts in and make that the
> 12 volts for the motherboard (P4 4 pin connector) Any wiggle on that 12
> Volts and the computer does really crazy stuff. Mine would just shut down.
> So thru trial and error I found the PICO PSU 60-WI 60 watt power supply. The
> input can go down to about 7 volts and the 5 and 12 volt supplies are
> steady. Runs very stable.
> One drawback of this motherboard is the USB system. If you use SimpleUSB,
> it's great. USBRadio, not so good. Lots of audio interruptions that last
> miulliseconds. For voice, not a problem. But if you're using it to decode PL
> and squelch it just will not work well. I'm told other motherboards  (read:
> non-Intel) would be better. But I have about 7 of these now, not going to
> change. But the printer port is important to me. So I didn't need to hack
> the USB Fob I use pp signalling. Getting ready to add remote base to it in
> the coming weeks.
> GeorgeC
> W2DB
> AllstarLink 2360
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>> All,
>> I am looking for recommendations on small, preferably inexpensive,
>> systems that are capable of running on 12v to take advantage of the
>> redundant power systems at our sites.
>> I would like it to support at least two nodes running simpleusb as I
>> don't need the DSP processing capabilities.  The idea is that these
>> systems would be connected to a port on an existing controller.
>> I expect that HP thin clients are going to be my best bet, but there
>> seem to be many different models so I don't know where to begin.
>> Suggestions or thoughts?
>> Robert
>> N5QM

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