[App_rpt-users] Anyone Virtualizing?

Bryan D. Boyle bdboyle at bdboyle.com
Wed Jun 26 13:54:07 EDT 2013

It is so low in overhead, that for one or two radio systems, you can run 
it on a 5-year-old laptop.  Did that for a couple years till I migrated 
to an old minitower that was displaced by an iMac for the better half. 
I reboot it every couple months just because, but, there are plenty of 
systems out there with bodacious uptime numbers.

Picked up a couple fresh-loaded Dells at a hamfest a couple months ago; 
they run the software fine.

Even running it on an 8-year-old IBM minidesktop with 4 gig of ram and a 
1.2 gig processor.

Don't overthink it or over subscribe/complicate it.  Works fine on old 
iron up to a point.  And keeps those processors processing.

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