[App_rpt-users] virtualisation

Anthony Percy anthcp at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 17:20:31 EDT 2013

Hi Jonathon,
Real time USB comms can be an issue for VMs under certain conditions. Allstar will work but sometimes the audio can be chopped or stutters. It's not a fault of Allstar but the USB under the vm. I have run Allstar under virtual box for dev purposes and the more load the vm hardware is under, the worst the audio breakup...
Hope fully the vm vendors with give the USB a real time option in future releases...

Anthony, VK2ACP

From: Jonathan Weirmeir 

Hi, group!

I'm new to app_rpt RoIP, coming from a background with IRLP.

I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried virtualizing AllStar, and if so,
were there any issues.



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