[App_rpt-users] internet connection problems

The Rices srice3 at cfl.rr.com
Sun Jun 30 19:30:04 EDT 2013

Hi, I have installed a Acid build on a computer and while testing we noticed that the computer would lose internet connections and cease to operate. After trying numerous different things to no avail I installed Mozilla and opened a browser so that it would have a open window to a web site I have. Since doing that it has not lost internet connections.  

Now the setup here is that I have a router that normally assigns an ip but to keep the allstar computer operating with a IP that I could assign forwarded ports I assigned it an ip above the range that the router would use. 

The allstar computer does look at the router for DNS after I found that it would not work when trying to go to the DNS of my provider.

Anybody have any suggestions about what to look for so I don’t have to have a browser window open?

Thanks Steve N4YZA
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