[App_rpt-users] Acid Install issue

wa3lco at velocity.net wa3lco at velocity.net
Thu May 9 15:49:31 EDT 2013

I am a noobie with the Allstar System.
I had a working copy of Linux Ubuntu on a machine and decided to install
the Acid install on it to simplify Allstar setup. I did have Asterisk and
all running but just couldn't find the assistance to get the thing

Anyway, I now have a glitch where the Acid install doesn't see my Wifi
card so I assume that there is a driver missing for it. How do I go about
installing this driver. Obviously there must be a Linux flavor around as
it worked fine with Ubuntu.

Out of curiosity, has anyone set up the Allstar on Ubuntu?


wa3lco at velocity.net

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