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Benjamin L. Naber Benjamin at kb9lfz.com
Fri May 10 00:56:02 EDT 2013

Pete, et al:

The primary issue with Wi-Fi, is that you are contending with many of
Wi-Fi/2.4GHz transmitters. Especially those whom are living in condos,
townhouses, apartments, dorms, barracks, an so on.

While you may have Wireless QoS enabled, that does make it better, but
no where as ideal as just plugging in a cable. No RF interference. QoS
on Wireless does not recover packets which are lost because the receiver
on the wireless access point is not able to deal with interference.

Now, should they come up with another type of Wi-Fi, such as system that
uses spread spectrum, and is full-duplex, then I'd be a little more warm
and fuzzy about it.

Wi-Fi is great, but when it comes to time sensitive packets.... not so
great. Personally, anything that has an ethernet socket is plugged into
a switch. Only those devices such as my phone and tablet use wireless.

Don't take it as I'm saying don't do it at all, but definitely consider
the facts when thinking about using Wi-Fi just because it's easier. If
you must place a node someplace where it only truly practical to run it
from Wi-Fi, then do so. Just remember when other 2.4GHz wireless
devices, such as bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, microwaves with
broken RF seals come in the area, you may experience issues.

Something from my experience.

~Benjamin, KB9LFZ
On Thu, 2013-05-09 at 23:06 -0400, pete M wrote:
> He can use wifi if he use our band. Ubiquity sell device that can be programmed in the 2300 mhz band. No problem with other signal.
> I am using 2 bullet that way, in 3 miles link and all is well.. My router is a wrt54g, but running dd-wrt. It has qos. Set at the mac adress level. All packet comming or going to the mac of my all star node is prioritary no matter what.
> Envoyé de mon iPad
> Le 9 May 2013 à 21:49, "Benjamin L. Naber" <Benjamin at kb9lfz.com> a écrit :
> > If I were you, I would not use Wi-Fi, especially if you are connecting
> > to a home wireless router / access point.
> > 
> > I can see and understand the advantages of Wi-Fi, but when it comes to
> > time sensitive RTP packets, unless it's the only user of Wi-Fi, then you
> > are going to have issues when the Wi-Fi has more users.
> > 
> > Also, while you may setup a Wi-Fi router/access point just for the
> > allstar node, you need to account for the other folks in your area (if
> > any) that are already using Wi-Fi or around the same frequency that you
> > setup the node on. Remember that bandwidth of some Wi-Fi modes are as
> > small as 1 MHz, and will run as much as 40 MHz.
> > 
> > If you have an Android phone, download the app called "Wifi Analyzer".
> > You have a decent idea who else is using Wi-Fi around you. You can also
> > download a program for Windoz called "Netstumbler" also detects Wi-Fi
> > access points, but with better range.
> > 
> > May I suggest you just run an Ethernet cable to it? It will save you
> > some headaches, as well is trying to find the drivers for it for the
> > Wi-Fi card.
> > 
> > Allstar is just a specialized configuration of Asterisk. Asterisk will
> > run on just about any Linux distribution. It may run on other operating
> > systems, but I have never used Asterisk on anything but Linux.
> > 
> > If you have an Ubuntu Desktop (or Server) version running on a laptop or
> > desktop, you can install asterisk, and then manually enter in the
> > programming you get from the allstarlink.org website. It's not any
> > secret, just will take a while to do a lot of configuration changes.
> > Some folks have done that because they have other things they are doing
> > with Allstar and the machines that has it also does other functions.
> > After a couple higher priority projects are completed, I will be rolling
> > my own as well.
> > 
> > www.ohnosec.org and allstarlink.org well help you setup ACiD, as well as
> > assist with other configuration changes. It's really as simple as
> > following the prompts for downloading the preconfigured "server" and
> > "node" on your machine.
> > 
> > ~Benjamin, KB9LFZ
> > Allstar node 28569
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > On Thu, 2013-05-09 at 15:49 -0400, wa3lco at velocity.net wrote:
> >> I am a noobie with the Allstar System.
> >> I had a working copy of Linux Ubuntu on a machine and decided to install
> >> the Acid install on it to simplify Allstar setup. I did have Asterisk and
> >> all running but just couldn't find the assistance to get the thing
> >> working.
> >> 
> >> Anyway, I now have a glitch where the Acid install doesn't see my Wifi
> >> card so I assume that there is a driver missing for it. How do I go about
> >> installing this driver. Obviously there must be a Linux flavor around as
> >> it worked fine with Ubuntu.
> >> 
> >> Out of curiosity, has anyone set up the Allstar on Ubuntu?
> >> 
> >> 73
> >> 
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