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Corey Dean n3fe at repeater.net
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I know of a shot at 13 miles with very decent signal levels that has been up for 2 years using nano bridges with no problems.

Corey N3FE
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Rocket M5's are the toughest stuff they make (that I've used).  With the 30 dbi dish and radome cover they're great but that's a bit much for 10 miles.  I think you could do that shot using Nanobridges with the 25dbi (18 inch) dish.  I have a 20 mile shot using those with no problems.  For $95 us dollars each they're a steal.  Make sure you use shielded cable with the RJ45's that ground the shield at either end.  Also watch the 5.6 band (though i'm not sure what your amateur band plan might include).  They use it for radar here and an ISP in Utah got a hefty fine for operating on that frequency.

73 de K0JSC

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They sure can!  I am running some bullet5's with 25 dbi grids looking at each other for just over 5 years in North Central, PA and well as Nanostations and they have not had any problems.  Most are mounted on towers and have seen some pretty harsh weather!

Corey N3FE
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Hi Gang,

In recent messages, Ubiquiti equipment has been mentioned for links.

I was wondering how it stacks-up in terms of keeping out / withstanding the weather. I have an application in mind for an AllStar node and it will be on a wild hilltop with nasty weather (very). The path I have in mind is just under 10 miles, clear line-of-sight.

Can any of the ubiquiti stuff stand a bit of a weather bashing and, if so, which items have been found best?


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