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We have had great luck with them. Our current system we go from the ground  
hill A (22 miles). From there to hill B (60 miles). Then to hill C (39  
miles) then to hill
D (120 miles). Signal on hill D is -49
We have had no issues and they have been running several years.
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Hi Gang, 
In recent messages, Ubiquiti equipment has been mentioned  for links. 
I was wondering how it stacks-up in terms of keeping out /  withstanding 
the weather. I have an application in mind for an AllStar node  and it will be 
on a wild hilltop with nasty weather (very). The path I have in  mind is 
just under 10 miles, clear line-of-sight. 
Can any of the ubiquiti stuff stand a bit of a weather  bashing and, if so, 
which items have been found best? 

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