[App_rpt-users] A problem I am having

The Rices srice3 at cfl.rr.com
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Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. Right now the carrierfrom is set to DSP. I am not sure if that is correct or not. The radio (Maxon sm2544 data radio) I am using has audio noise all the time at the input when no signal is there and my audio when key my handheld and talk to it. 

I will check the tone issue as I believe I tried a couple of different selections and yes it did set the tone to 100 at allstar. I don’t need tone I believe as the transmitter generates it. On the receive end it is listening to a repeater that is also generating tone back if I want it. I tried changing the rxtone to that tone the repeater had as well and nothing. 

I will check the carrier issue and tones again though. 

Oh, I did unplug the URI and plug it back in as well. Even went so far as to reinstall ACID all over again. 

My configuration is for a remote base transmitting to a repeater so we can offer a alstar link to it if that gives anyone an idea.

Thanks Steve N4YZA 

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I'm sure you will get a few reply's but just on the surface I would ask is 
-Do you have CTCSS  set a tone as opposed to NO ?


I think by default the acid install sets it to 100.0 ? but i'm not sure.

Also in usbradio.conf

Make sure your input logic is correct (don't use mine but here are some options)

carrierfrom = 



Your usb dongle may be stuck. remove it for a second and plug it back in same place.
Make sure it assigns the same position as you have described.

I have a few that get stuck and replaced them. not sure why but it does happen.


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  I am brand new to this and have been reading to see if I can find a solution to the problem I am having.
  I purchased a URI and installed it with no problems. 
  I set up the computer using acid and it accepted the node and server info and seems to come on line fine.
  When I connect using allstar it connects to the radio and announces it I am connected.
  When I use the computer microphone I can hear it come out on the radio fine. 
  BUT when I go to listen there is no audio coming back over the link from the radio.
  I checked with a scope to be sure I had audio and I do.
  I ran the radio adjustments for rxnoise and rx voice and it said everything was successful.
  It did have me adjust the squelch higher though.
  I made sure to open the 2 ports ssh and the udp so I don’t think it is a port issue on the router.
  I am sure it is something simple but I am not sure where to look next.
  Any helpful suggestions for a beginner would  be appreciated.
  Thanks Steve

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