[App_rpt-users] How to install FreePBX to ACID?

Mihhail Jakovlev mihhail at telegrupp.ee
Fri May 17 13:35:36 EDT 2013



Is it possible to install a Webserver and FreePBX on server, where is
installed ACID ?


I have idea to make a voting repeater with RTCM boards and use other PBX
functions, as conferences, IVR and more.  If I really understand, ACID
distro don't have Asterisk webserver and graphical interface.  I am not
a Linux guru... If it possible, could you help me  with FreePBX install
instuctions (I have a just new install from ACID)


I need a private voting repeater network (1 server PC with Static IP, 3
voting receivers with RTCM boards, 1 or 2 Transmitters with RTCM boards,
and any sip clients, softphone clients)


Thank you!


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