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K&R Yoksh yokshs at gmail.com
Sat May 18 00:57:24 EDT 2013

Hello Andreas,

I have something very similar for my TXFAN script. Any time the node radio 
is transmitting, the event happens. In my case, I touch a file on the 
ramdisk during transmit but it would be easy to instead turn on the GPIO.

Does your system use a repeater controller? In other words, does local audio 
cause app_rpt to transmit?

In my repeater, I have a controller that handles local audio and therefore 
app_rpt does not know when local users are keying.

If you want to see my TXFAN script, it has examples for the Event Management 
Subsystem in the comments at the top:

73 and GL,


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Hi Gang,
I am using an allstar link repeater tied together with a second rpeater 
system nearby.
I need a possibility to switch an uri gpio i/o pin to high always a station 
connects from outside (via internet) and i talking. if talking stops (no 
speech from outside via internet) the i/o ping must go low, if talking 
starts agein the i/o pin has to go high. No action on this pin (always low) 
if no one is connected from outside (there are then onky local users of the 
I hope somebody can help jhow to do this woth the event management 
Thanks a lot

Andreas, DL5MGD, Node 295656

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