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Benjamin L. Naber Benjamin at kb9lfz.com
Fri May 24 10:16:40 EDT 2013

you do not need to modify a USB sound fob. K0KN has a parallel port
radio interface that uses a couple very common transistors, LED's, and
resistors. Very simple, works very well.

To break it down to a simple setup such as I have, you'll need one
2n3904 transistor, one 330 ohm resistor, one red LED, and however you
want to solder them up. Visit the K0KN website for assembly details.

in the usbradio.conf is where you will specify the TX is going to be
using the parallel for radio keying, something like "pp3 = ptt".

You will have to do some digging in the asterisk configs where it
demands the use of a USB sound fob, after you ensure you have asterisk
will output audio to your onboard sound card.

I do not fully know why programmers refused to use on board soundcards,
perhaps it's because they would have to load so many different drivers,
adding to file size. Whereas just specifying the use of a very common
USB sound FOB would be a lot easier, and quicker for one to get Allstar

~Benjamin, KB9LFZ
Allstar node 28569

On Fri, 2013-05-24 at 12:58 +0100, James Hill wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to Allstar, and have a couple of questions:
> I've used the acid_centos many times as a base for D-STAR gateway
> boxes, so I'm quite conversant with the distro. The main question, is
> can Asterisk be configured to use the machine's on board soundcard,
> and Serial for PTT?
> I'm trying to build a system from bits and bobs I have lying around in
> the shack. A friend did mod a CM108 USB dongle a few years back for
> me, but it never worked and got trashed.
> I haven't the budget or steady hand to go buying a URI or to start
> modding CM108 devices.
> Thanks,
> James G0FHM
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