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I agree that this is a great feature that Xipar has. Also subjective, and I don’t know what they’re doing differently, but I have an easier time with level adjustments with Xipar (the automatic level setting for rxnoise seems to work a bit better), and at least on my radios, audio “sounds” better, better being kind of relative, yes, I understand that. However, it looks like xipar is missing a couple things that main line acide distro has, I mean besides that acid works with Allstar’s autopatch and dial-in service without additional fiddling. Doesn’t appear Xipar has the provision for recording or streaming from app_rpt. Also, it looks like ID pitch and volume are fixed (and a bit lo of my taste), and the echo link channel driver didn’t compile last time I tried a beta of it several months ago. And i at least don’t really need or want Freepbx. So, until or unless Echolink gets worked out along with streaming/recording, I’m sticking with acid, even in spite of some of xipar’s real advantages. 
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On Sep 8, 2013, at 3:40 PM, Kevin Custer <kuggie at kuggie.com> wrote:

> On 9/8/2013 1:23 PM, Tim Sawyer wrote:
>> When you set the TX and RX levels per instructions the announcements will be the correct level.
> With all due respect, what is a "correct announcement level" level is up for debate.  (I'm not bringing this up to change or start a thread on why one distro is better than another - and I'd appreciate if no one else did either).  
> When I got into this technology, one of my biggest gripes, along with many users, was the level of the telemetry.  Allison just stepped on folks, especially if they were a little soft spoken.
> Of course, this IS with the levels set properly.
> This is one area where XIPAR has an advantage.  
> In zipper, we can set the Nominal Telemetry Level and the Duck Level.  I run -10 dB nominal, and -15 dB duck.  With these levels, Allison doesn't blast you out of the water, and if someone (somewhere) has the mic keyed, she's ducked out an additional amount, BUT you can still hear what she is saying - even along with a loud mouth (such as myself).  While I refer to "she" (Allison) all telemetry, including CWID's and whatever is controlled by these settings. 
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