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 Do you mean WAV file recording like ACID does?

    Recording and Streaming - sure it does.  We record everything and it is streamed on Radio Reference.
    Contact Brian Burton - KB3ORS for details on this.


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On 9/8/2013 4:38 PM, Buddy Brannan wrote:

I agree that this is a great feature that Xipar has. Also subjective, and I don’t know what they’re doing differently, but I have an easier time with level adjustments with Xipar (the automatic level setting for rxnoise seems to work a bit better), and at least on my radios, audio “sounds” better, better being kind of relative, yes, I understand that.
I guess it depends on if you are using the audio w-i-d-e-n-i-n-g
    filter rules.  If you are - then they are not relative, but real
    improvements in audio quality.  
In zipper, the following apply:


x can be 0, 1 or 2.
More info here:

However, it looks like xipar is missing a couple things that main line acide distro has, I mean besides that acid works with Allstar’s autopatch and dial-in service without additional fiddling. Doesn’t appear Xipar has the provision for recording or streaming from app_rpt.
Recording and Streaming - sure it does.  We record everything and it
    is streamed on Radio Reference.
Contact Brian Burton - KB3ORS for details on this.

Also, it looks like ID pitch and volume are fixed (and a bit lo of my taste),
You have to put in the following in rpt.conf then you can set it
    however you like.
morse = morse
Then, adjust the settings in the [morse] stanza.

and the echo link channel driver didn’t compile last time I tried a beta of it several months ago.
Not sure - I personally don't do Echolink, but it worked the last
    time someone else did a new install and connected to WAN.  

And i at least don’t really need or want Freepbx. So, until or unless Echolink gets worked out along with streaming/recording, I’m sticking with acid, even in spite of some of xipar’s real advantages. 
That's why there are several distros.

IMHO there are two BIG disadvantages currently with XIPAR - No
    WebTransceiver and no AllMon.   So, I run two servers with ACID -
    all fixed...


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