[App_rpt-users] Distorted audio in app_rpt/Allstar

Andreas Pleschutznig andy at ple.org
Tue Sep 10 19:38:47 EDT 2013


sometimes, i get distorted audio locally on the repeat and also on simple announcements like the time announcement. If and when I get that distorted audio it kind of sounds as if the audio stream is sampled i 20ms increments and every other piece is left out. This happens only every now and then, while most of the time the audio is absolutely perfect. 

As hardware is a nondescript 2GHz dual core, (all-star uses about 15-25% CPU), so it should not be a speed problem. Two URI’s are connected to this PC, one for the public all-star link, the other to a private GMRS node, 

Tried two different radios, so it should not be the radio either, unless two unrelated GM300s have exactly the same problem (For the time being I’ll go under the assumption its not the radio) I don’t know yet if that ever happens on the TCP end, but I doubt it. 

Does anyone have *ANY* idea what that could be?
Andreas Pleschutznig, Cell: (832) 633-7817, Sent: MacBook
 KA5PLE, Allstar: 29841, Echolonk: 884823

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