[App_rpt-users] URI PTT issue

Kevin Custer kuggie at kuggie.com
Wed Sep 18 21:49:38 EDT 2013

Or, consider a different radio interface - one that doesn't let the PTT 
happen unless flashy-flashy is going on...


I have no financial interest in this product - however, I did help 
design it.

Kevin Custer - WJ8G

On 9/18/2013 4:05 PM, Keith Goobie wrote:
> Why not program the SCOM to use an inverted PTT signal and program the
> usbradio.conf to use an inverted signal for PTT.  That should deal with the
> re-boot issue.
> Keith
> On 9/18/13 4:00 PM, "Corey Badgley" <kc7mrq at bresnan.net> wrote:
>> I have an URI on port three of an SCOM 7330 controller. Everything works
>> perfectly unless power goes out and the node server reboots. The URI
>> keys the controller while the computer boots and stays keyed until one
>> of the following occurs:
>> 1. Audio from another node is received.
>> 2. Telemetry is broadcasted. ( I usually have telemetry turned off)
>> 3. Send a command to un-key the PTT.
>> 4. Enter echo mode within radio-tune-menu and my audio is rebroadcasted.
>> Is there a way to toggle the URI PTT upon a reboot or start-up to ensure
>> its logic is in the correct state?
>> Have a good day,
>> Corey

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