[App_rpt-users] RELAXED RADIO parms

Keith Goobie keith at goobie.org
Thu Sep 19 08:47:04 EDT 2013

Good morning All.

I am looking for the message that Jim WB6NIL put out there that had to do
with modifying the dsp.c code so that it did not incorporate the
RELAXED_RADIO parameters.

One parameter is the length of time that a DTMF signal must be present
before it is determined not to be a false signal.
[root at Server6 main]# diff  dsp.c.default  dsp.c
>> 165c165,166
>> < #define DTMF_TO_TOTAL_ENERGY    ((digitmode & DSP_DIGITMODE_RELAXDTMF) ?
>> 26.0 : 42.0)
>> ---
> #define DTMF_TO_TOTAL_ENERGY    ((digitmode & DSP_DIGITMODE_RELAXDTMF) ? 38.0
: 42.0)  /* CAH changed 26 to 38 */

This change when implemented, did eliminate a noticeable number of audio
pops associated with DTMF false-ing.

The message from Jim spoke to bypassing the RELAXED parameters in total.

I am going through  the archives and I have not found it yet.

Thanks in advance.


keith at goobie.org
Keith Goobie
Richmond Hill, ON, CANADA

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