[App_rpt-users] Simulcast Coverage Plots (For Free)

Jim Duuuude telesistant at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 28 13:55:44 EDT 2013

Amongst many other things, I have been working on adapting the AMAZING
open-source radio transmitter coverage program SPLAT to be able to generate
a (hopefully) meaningful coverage plot (graphical) including simulcast transmitter

I have made the necessary changes/additions and now wish to offer this ability
to all Amateurs that are interested at no charge. 

Unfortunately, this process is EXTREMELY CPU-intensive, and I *just* dont have
a server available that has enough processing "oomph" to accomplish this in a
reasonable manner.

For example, the private server that I have been using for develoment is a single
(quad-core) Xeon (older one), and it takes OVER 20 MINUTES to generate a 2
transmitter plot!!

Does anyone have some server "space" on a REALLY fast system that could be
"donated" for this purpose? We would *ALL* appreciate this VERY much!! :-)

I will shortly attach some screenshots of the program as it currently exists. Since I
really dont want anyone "test driving" the software on the current server, the URL
was removed from the graphics. :-)

I should have a copy of the sources of this 'modified' splat up on SVN later today.



P.S. I tried to send this message with the attachments, and the list server bounced it
because it was too large... 
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