[App_rpt-users] No internet

pete M petem001 at hotmail.com
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On my side I use 2 bullet HP with 16DB metal grid antenna, 3 kilometer in a very dense city. lots of wifi and other thing that could prevent good communication. like tree’s  

But all this been working good for 4 years. 

54 mbps speed all the time. Now I did some test with same type of equipement on a 35 km link. It worked perfectly. But it was from montain top to another montain top, no noise, no wifi around and full LOS In fact we were able to flash some light s at each other while talking on 2 watt (uv3r) radio’s on 2 meter in simplex. it was a temporary setup to test the posibility to bring internet to a very remote spot. but It did not worked cause on another part of the link we could not have access to another montain top.. (damn poeple that cant understand the needs of other’s ) 

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Asking ways to link the repeater to an APP_RPT machine, to get to the outside world. This would be for repeater sites without out internet access in place. 

Sorry I didn't clear that up. As far as I know there is Ubiquiti and things like canopy. I'm just wondering if there are other people out there using something other than ubiquiti or motorola canopy. 
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