[App_rpt-users] rxondelay command

Angelo Glorioso n5uxt at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 24 15:05:45 EDT 2014

I am having problems understanding what is going on with the RXONDELAY command in 
duplex=1 mode. (simplex with telementry )

 From what I understand, this command turns off the reciever for a value of 20ms times (x) (my value 75) after the transmitting is dropped to prevent ping ponging or relay racing.

 Once this value is reached, should not the receiver come back on??? I find that this value will play a part when a valid signal comes back on as well. The usbradio will wait that (X) before 
turning on the receiver even after the transmitting has already reached value of (X).

So, if the signal has dropped for over 5 second lets say, why would rxondelay play any part again???? Should not this value have to wait until the valid signal is dropped again???

I hope I have explained this correctly. 

73 de Angelo

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