[App_rpt-users] BeagleBone Black Allstar Official Release

David KE6UPI dshaw at ke6upi.com
Thu Jun 26 11:24:51 EDT 2014

Nice write up Doug.. When I get back in Aug I think I'll give it a try..


On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 10:02 PM, Doug Crompton <doug at crompton.com> wrote:

> Hello and welcome to the first public release of Allstar on the BeagleBone
> Black. This represents months of trial and error testing which first
> started with the Raspberry Pi back at the beginning of the year and was
> finally successful on the BBB platform. We have had several beta versions
> out now for over two months with many testers and we had very good reports.
> There is more to be done but this is a working system that will allow many
> to get rid of their energy consuming PC's with constantly running hard
> drives and have an Allstar system that fits in the palm of your hand.
> The web page I have created gives very detailed instructions on how to
> download, install, and configure your BBB for use with Allstar. The web
> page is:
> hamvoip.org
> There you will find a link to download the image and also to join the
> arm-allstar email list. Please try to address questions specific to the BBB
> and Allstar to the arm-allstar list and not the apt-rpt list.
> While the code is the current Acid release there are many differences in
> how things are done on the BBB and the OS we are using, Arch Linux, is much
> different than Centos or Debian. Please refer to the web page for detailed
> info on some of the differences. We also recommend that you NOT use the
> nodesetup routine that is offered on the standard Acid release. In many
> ways this is faulty and often more trouble than it is worth. For that
> reason we have renamed nodesteup on the image and made it non-executable.
> Besides what is described on the web page there is a very detailed how-to
> describing first time setup of the config files. We encourage you to edit
> the existing config files rather than wholesale copying your existing
> configs on top of the examples. There is a little learning involved but in
> the long run it is good to know how things work by configuring the files on
> your own.
> We also encourage you to make image backups once you have your system
> configured. This will avoid having to recreate your configuration should a
> failure of some kind occur. While we have not seen any problems with power
> failures and as far as we know not one SD card has ever failed running
> Allstar there is always a first time and better safe than sorry.
> This release does not have the backup/restore scripts that we promised but
> they will be available soon. Basically what they will do is copy
> /etc/asterisk and all directories under it in entirety into a tar file and
> then you would use winscp or a similar file copy program to transfer the
> tar file to another computer. This would allow you to make updates of the
> image when new code is released in the future without losing your former
> configuration. For now you can do this manually. See the howto on the web
> page for instructions on doing image and directory backups. It is not hard
> to do and well worth the piece of mind.
> Have fun and I hope you enjoy your new BBB Allstar node. There will be
> many more features and upgrades available in the future all of which will
> be announced on the arm-allstar email list. There are already plenty of
> experienced users on the list that can help you with any problems you might
> have.
> 73 Doug, WA3DSP
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