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 I believe the (one line) simpleusb fix is already in the Acid svn. The other (timing) issues are much more complex and effect a wide range of modules. They have just been discovered so whether they will be fixed in the Acid release remains to be seen. That is up to Jim. The changes will be reflected in the 1.2 BBB release. I would say it is not a severe issue on a PC but certainly a potential one and could explain some of the extraneous problems that happen from time to time. Also some of the problems are actually in the underlying Asterisk code including a registration issue in chan_iax.

I certainly don't want to alarm anyone about this. Most systems run just fine including mine and as fixes become available and are tested I am sure they will be put out. The Acid release will only benefit  from the problems being found in the BBB development. Dave, KB4FXC has dome an outstanding job finding these problems. 

The current BBB release had another issue in that the Linux kernel did not handle the USB well. Part of the fix involved updating the kernel which made a world of difference. The PC kernels have matured in that area to the point that that should not be a problem unless you are using a very old kernel.

One key test for the USB as I pointed out is to pull the USB cable on a working system and see if it recovers when put back in without any resetting.
73 Doug

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> Doug,
> Can I assume you will be submitting those patches back to Jim for inclusion in the SVN?
> 73, Steve N4IRS
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> > Steve,
> > I believe we have eliminated most if not all of the problems that would cause the USB to not reset in the upcoming 1.2 BBB release.
> > 73 Doug
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