[App_rpt-users] HID Died

Steve Zingman szingman at msgstor.com
Thu Oct 2 13:44:41 EDT 2014

I'm glad to hear you will be submitting the patches to Jim for inclusion 
in the overall SVN. I'm interested in seeing the changes.
I don't run Acid or the BBB image for that matter. I run checked out 
source from the SVN on Debian Wheezy. I'm looking forward to seeing the 
work that was done. I'll have to look at the simpleUSB and see the fix 
you submitted.

73, Steve N4IRS


 > I believe the (one line) simpleusb fix is already in the Acid svn.
 > The other (timing) issues are much more complex and effect a wide
 > range of modules. They have just been discovered so whether they will 
 > be fixed in the Acid release remains to be seen. That is up to Jim.

 > One key test for the USB as I pointed out is to pull the USB cable on 
 > a working system and see if it recovers when put back in without any 
 > resetting.
 > 73 Doug
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