[App_rpt-users] Half duplex Tx override

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Is the node set up as a remote base or half duplex "link"? My belief is you need to set up the node as duplex 0 and then set link to link as YES. This will allow the transmit to assert even though it is receiving. I've seen where remote base nodes will not allow transmit as long as it is receiving, negating my view of a definition for remote base. Setting the link to link flag should overcome this. It works for my full duplex links. 

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> On Oct 18, 2014, at 12:18 PM, "George Csahanin" <george at dyb.com> wrote:
> Maybe you need a voice detecting squelch, as in the Micom radios. I just happen to have designed a board to do that from an old 73 magazine article. If you want details send me an email. The radio I tested it with is a FT-780. It closely follows the Micom squelch method. I built it up to provide "COS" from a HF remote to the app_rpt box. The ham radio market has overlooked this method forever.
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>> On Fri, 17 Oct 2014, Willem Schreuder wrote:
>> I have a half duplex node with COR and the behavior seems to be that as lng as COR is active, it will not switch to transmit even if there is an incomming transmission on the link.
>> The behavior I would like to enable is that if there is an incoming signal on the link, it should override the COR and switch to transmit.
> The solution provided by K0JSC is to add
>  linktolink=yes
> in the node stanza in rpt.conf which results in the desired behavior.
> 73 Willem
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