[App_rpt-users] timedatectl issue

Mike Lussier mike.lussier at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 15:19:27 EDT 2014

Well I took a ride up to the site to either fix it or pull it.

Thank you both. I was able to fix the time issue with multiple steps.

1. timedatectl set-time "2014-10-28 09:40:30"  < My cut paste with the
current date time
2. remove URI < by unplugging the USB
3. astres.sh  < Restart Asterisk
4. wait 2 minutes plug in URI.
5. wait 3 minutes
6. key up the repeater and issued *81  << The time was close enough to
correct I was happy with it.

I also made a stop by the local ISP on my way back home. Just work nudge
them and check their progress.

Thank you again

My test set for the new version of code should be ready to play hopefully
by this weekend.



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guilty rather than the law breaker.It is time to restore the American
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