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OK, thanks, that’s what I was looking for. I was trying to avoid a Com-Spec tone decoder or encoder. I may kluge in a Micor Encoder and decoder. Big fan of reverse burst, etc...

But that answered my question, and pretty much as expected. I’m very familiar with the issues around usbradio in general. I’ve used it a lot. What I have always found odd is that same computer, same CM108 dongle, plays tones, etc fine in windows, but in Linux it is flaky. Too bad, though. The idea is a good one. I have one “unlisted” node still running this way. Low (very low) activity, so usable. 



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Beagleboard XM comes with beagle.conf, which is simpleusb like... e.g. no DSP, relying on hardware PL decode. I don’t know if you can use usbradio.conf for DSP for a PL decode.







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Folks, will current distros of pickle, or whatever we use on the beagle boards run DSP for PL decode or noise squelch? I have a BeagleBoard XM and a BBB, about three months back version. I’d love to tuck one of these inside a Nokia BSR-450 repeater eliminating its squelch and PL encode/decode (well, it doesn’t have those)???





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