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Chuck, was that on one of the beagle boards?

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I ran usbradio on a GTX (no cor line available) and it worked fine. And yes usbradio decodes PL fine.

On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 7:36 PM, Bob <kk6ecm at gmail.com> wrote:

  Beagleboard XM comes with beagle.conf, which is simpleusb like... e.g. no DSP, relying on hardware PL decode. I don’t know if you can use usbradio.conf for DSP for a PL decode.





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  Folks, will current distros of pickle, or whatever we use on the beagle boards run DSP for PL decode or noise squelch? I have a BeagleBoard XM and a BBB, about three months back version. I’d love to tuck one of these inside a Nokia BSR-450 repeater eliminating its squelch and PL encode/decode (well, it doesn’t have those)???



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