[App_rpt-users] Baofeng UV5R + DMK URI 's. (Wiring & COS etc?)

Ken Page vk4akp at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 23:31:00 EDT 2015


So, still waiting on my Raspberry PI2 's. But they must be getting closer.
All other items ordered that same day from China have arrived 1+ weeks ago!
In the mean time I'd like to make the cabling up.

For our first attempt we're going to utilise some Baofeng UV5R 's that 
we already have handy.

Has anyone been down this trail before that can help with wiring 
instructions with the DMK URI 's?
Mainly interested if we need any cap's or resistors across any lines to 
to isolate audio or for COS etc?

Not interested in hacking into the radio's at all for internal 
connection. If it can't be done on the standard external connectors we 
won't bother.

However I doubt this will be the case as we have used them with the 
AnyTone portable repeater controllers and they detect COS etc A-OK from 
the basic connectors.

~Ken - vk4akp

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