[App_rpt-users] Baofeng UV5R + DMK URI 's. (Wiring & COS etc?)

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Thu Aug 6 00:49:16 EDT 2015


 Unless you use a VOX circuit on the RX audio which I do not recommend you will have to go inside. We have used the Baofeng 888's with success as node radios. Info on the mod is in the how=to section at hamvoip.org  I believe the UV5 uses a similar approach.
73 Doug

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> Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2015 13:31:00 +1000
> Subject: [App_rpt-users] Baofeng UV5R + DMK URI 's. (Wiring & COS etc?)
> Giday!
> So, still waiting on my Raspberry PI2 's. But they must be getting closer.
> All other items ordered that same day from China have arrived 1+ weeks ago!
> In the mean time I'd like to make the cabling up.
> For our first attempt we're going to utilise some Baofeng UV5R 's that 
> we already have handy.
> Has anyone been down this trail before that can help with wiring 
> instructions with the DMK URI 's?
> Mainly interested if we need any cap's or resistors across any lines to 
> to isolate audio or for COS etc?
> Not interested in hacking into the radio's at all for internal 
> connection. If it can't be done on the standard external connectors we 
> won't bother.
> However I doubt this will be the case as we have used them with the 
> AnyTone portable repeater controllers and they detect COS etc A-OK from 
> the basic connectors.
> ~Ken - vk4akp
> .-.-.
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