[App_rpt-users] I/O using parallel port

Jamey Wright jamey.wright at charter.net
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If I set pp2 = out0  I read about 100 ohms

If I set pp2 = out1 it reads open


Entering *8411 or *8401 yields no change.  (from rpt.conf  8401=cop,61,pp2=0


The node plays back 2 beeps

Watching the CLI I see  --Hungup 'Zap/pseudo-123418903'  (number changes
each time)


Commands are being sent from IAXRPT and from a locally connected radio







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Follow this Jamey...  http://www.qsl.net/k0kn/irlptoallstar.html

Your info should be in either usbradio.conf or simpleusb.conf

Just read through it and you'll get it.

I use this method also.





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Since I have the node computer here at house for a day or 2 instead of at
the tower site I decided I would go ahead and configure the I/O for
something I have in mind in the future.  I seem to be having some issues
though.  When I enter *8401 from IAXRPT, I get back "beep beep"  but I don't
see a state change with my DMM across pin 2 and ground



In BIOS, the parallel port is configured at address 378 and IRQ7 and in EPP


I have this in the RPT.CONF:




<clipped for brevity>





8401 = cop,61,pp2=0

8402 = cop,61,pp3=0


8411 = cop,61,pp2=1

8412 = cop,61,pp3=1


901=cop,33                         ; Local telemetry output enabled

902=cop,34                         ; Local telemetry output disabled



And I have this in SIMPLEUSB.CONF:


; SimpleUSB configuration







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