[App_rpt-users] I/O using parallel port

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Sat Aug 8 17:04:39 EDT 2015

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>> 8401=cop,61,pp2=0
>> 8411=cop,61,pp2=1

The commands you created in rpt.conf is the definition.
Use them directly or in a macro for complex function.

Read online manual


I have read the manual... and every website I can find dealing with this and
I cannot make it work.  I don't know what I am missing but there is
something.  Just for a sanity check, I built a LED circuit and connected it
to the parallel port.  If I set it to "pp2 = out0" in simpleusb.conf the LED
is not lit.  If I change it to "pp2 = out1" the LED is lit so I know the
port is working.  For whatever reason, I cannot control those pins from DTMF
or sent from IAXRPT. 

This is from rpt.conf:



8401 = cop,61,pp2=0
8402 = cop,61,pp3=0
8403 = cop,61,pp4=0
8404 = cop,61,pp5=0
8405 = cop,61,pp6=0
8406 = cop,61,pp7=0
8407 = cop,61,pp8=0
8408 = cop,61,pp9=0

8411 = cop,61,pp2=1
8412 = cop,61,pp3=1
8413 = cop,61,pp4=1
8484 = cop,61,pp5=1
8415 = cop,61,pp6=1
8416 = cop,61,pp7=1
8417 = cop,61,pp8=1
8418 = cop,61,pp9=1

Maybe I am misunderstanding the way to setup and use the commands.  My
understanding is that I should be able to just dial *8411 and set pp2 to 1?



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