[App_rpt-users] Beagle Board-xM Pickle Build w/URI

John C. Westmoreland, P.E. john at westmorelandengineering.com
Mon Aug 10 02:15:48 EDT 2015

Hello All,

I have an xM up and running with the latest build from allstarlink.org - is
there one site that has
example configs for iax.conf, rpt.conf, and simpleusb.conf for the xM using
the URI?  I currently
have some radios from Yaesu - the VX-7R has been interfaced and seems to
work; but my current configs are relatively simple.  I also want to put a
FT-7900R on line.

How do you eliminate the telemetry 'node xx connected, node xx
disconnected' messages from being broadcast?

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