[App_rpt-users] resending request for app info

Reid Brandon rfpowerguy at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 14 15:38:45 EDT 2015

 Not sure why this wasn't posted before so resending it:After discovering there is no pop-up window during CENT-OS installation to allow selection of a fixed IP address (it installs then looks for DHCP, which isn't there so the installation check crashes, I found I can make a Firewall perform DHCP as it also acts as a router. And I have a licensed FW available so now the person who is setting up the Firewall box asked me a few questions.Keep in mind this is way out of my field of experience! But I need a list of apps that need permission to pass thru the FW. I saw SSH in a non-std software port, SIP (session initiation protocol) What else - any Gurus out there that have btdt?TIA, Reid W6MTF
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