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 Incoming you only need port 222 TCP for ssh and port 4569 UDP for IAX. Neither of these are required for outgoing Allstar to work. You would need port 222 to remotely administer your system if necessary and 4569 for others to be able to connect to you but not for you to connect out as long as 4569 outbound is open.  Usually a router allows all outgoing ports but if they are blocked then you will need 4569 at a minimum.  
There are other ports for specialized things but to just get things going for Allstar you need 4569 in and out UDP and optionally 222 TCP in an out. 

4569 and 222 are the default ports. Both can be changed if necessary. The IAX port 4569 is changed in /etc/asterik/iax.conf and also on the server internet settings at allstarlink.org. Both must match. The ssh port 222 is changed on your sshd_config file in /etc/ssh. The only reason to change is if there is some conflict on your network, if you have multiple servers on a singel public IP, or an administrator does not allow those ports.

If you wanted remote web access to use lsnodes or allmon remotely you would need port 80 but often that would need to be changed to some obscure port in httpd.conf and then specified on your browser address line as part of the address.

I hope I didn't confuse you too much.

73 Doug

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Subject: [App_rpt-users] resending request for app info

  Not sure why this wasn't posted before so resending it:After discovering there is no pop-up window during CENT-OS installation to allow selection of a fixed IP address (it installs then looks for DHCP, which isn't there so the installation check crashes, I found I can make a Firewall perform DHCP as it also acts as a router. And I have a licensed FW available so now the person who is setting up the Firewall box asked me a few questions.Keep in mind this is way out of my field of experience! But I need a list of apps that need permission to pass thru the FW. I saw SSH in a non-std software port, SIP (session initiation protocol) What else - any Gurus out there that have btdt?TIA, Reid W6MTF
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