[App_rpt-users] Correct Wiring For The URIx Diagnostic Dongle

Barry g8sau at sidx.org.uk
Sat Aug 15 16:27:12 EDT 2015

At 21:17 14/08/2015, Doug Crompton wrote:
>Also note you do not need external 12V for the additional op-amp. It will 
>work on 5V from the URI as long as you do not exceed the P-P output for 
>that voltage which would probably be somewhere around 2V P-P. You 
>obviously could get more swing running it on 12V but if you don't need it, 
>it works fine on 5V.

All Interesting stuff but where to find uridiag ? program its not on ACID dist?
and not on my RasPI-2 dist?

is this something that on the dmk site ? I have 6 URI's but never seen this 


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