[App_rpt-users] Custom NodeNames

W0OTM w0otm at w0otm.com
Mon Aug 17 17:08:06 EDT 2015

I have written a shell script to create custom node names to replace the 
announcing of nodes by their node number to the "callsign" configured 
for each node on the system.  Its 2 parts.  First uses a php script to 
download all the AllStar Node data and saves as txt file called nodenames.

I save mine as 'getnodes.php'. The code can be found here: 

After this runs, I run the second script:
I save mine as 'nodenames.sh'. The code can be found here: 

This script looks up the node number and finds the callsign, it then 
creates a .ulaw file using the letters and digits found in the AllStar 
systems.  No TTS!  It saves all the ####.ulaw files in 

Now when a node connects or disconnects, its announces a callsign 
instead of a node number.

Marshall Dias
.-- ----- --- - --
Ottumwa, IA EN31ta
4SQRP #310

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