[App_rpt-users] write_nodename script

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Thu Aug 20 11:54:31 EDT 2015

Attached is the write_nodename script with a few last minute refinements. It will now include both call and node number with the -i argument. This is handy when you have more than one node with the same callsign.  With the -i option it will say:

w3xyz node 40000 connected to ......

You would probably only want to do this for selected nodes but you could do the entire node list that way if desired. Using the -o (overwrite) option would replace an existing entry. To revert to the default just node message simply deleted the <node>.gsm file or files manually from /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/rpt/nodenames

It now also requires a  -a option to process all of the nodes. Executing without any options will just give the usage screen. This prevents things from happening unexpectedly when just running the script without any options. 

Replace any prior scripts with this one and put it in your search path. /usrlocal/sbin is a good place. Comments always welcome.

If you are using this with a BBB or RPI2 or anything with an SD card it would not be a good idea to run this as a daily job with the -o (overwrite) option as it would mean many unnecessary writes. Using it without the -o option should be OK but better yet just update manually when necessary.

write_nodename v0.5
Usage: write_nodename options

Writes voice files of call signs from node numbers


   -h          Show this message
   -a          Process all nodes
   -i           Include node number with call
   -o          Overwrite existing file(s)
   -n node  Process single node (overrides -a)
   -d path   Specify path to output files
                Default: /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/rpt/nodenames
   -v          Verbose

Write callsign for node 40000, no overwrite, all nodes -
    write_nodename -an 40000
Write callsign for node 40000, overwrite, all nodes -
    write_nodename -aon 40000
Write all callsigns, no overwrite -
    write_nodename -a
Write all callsigns, overwrite
    write_nodename -ao
Write single node to specific directory -
    write_nodename -n 40000 -d /etc/asterisk/local
Write single node including both call and node number, overwrite
    write_nodename -ion 40000
73 Doug
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