[App_rpt-users] write_nodename_0.6.tar.gz

Doug Crompton doug at crompton.com
Fri Aug 21 10:47:55 EDT 2015

I think I am finally getting this finalized. Note the version (0.5) yesterday has a bug. I changed some things around and failed to initialize a variable. Please use this version.

This version 0.6 has a test for the database actually being in the defined path (set SRCDIR in script) and the ability to change volume levels. The levels are 1-10.  The added option is  -l level

You can experiment with your own node and local playback to get the level the way you want it before you process the entire node list. 

./write_nodename -on 40000 -d /root -l 2
asterisk -rx "rpt localplay 40000 /root/40000"

Of course change to your nodes.

Note that the level will likely not work on older installs. I don't think it works on the Acid release. I am basically writing this for the BBB and RPi2 crowd and it works fine there. You are welcome to modify this for your needs.

Please let me know of any problems.
73 Doug

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