[App_rpt-users] Node Details

David Osborn david.osborn at manx.net
Mon Aug 24 13:02:02 EDT 2015

Hi All,


My node 2484 (we were early adopters!) was used for a while as a test node
and was set-up accordingly in the portal.


It has since been re-assigned to GB3IM-P and the portal duly updated,
however the details that AllMon - running on node 2480 - is picking up are
still the old ones. The AllStar status page correctly shows Peel, Isle of
Man but Allmon is clinging on to the old data (GD4HOZ 70.3625 Isle of Man,
Great Britain).


What change have I missed to get the correct data to display? Is there a
stash of data that needs clearing?







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